I’m a product and innovation leader combining humanism, data science and design.

I’m currently leading product design for Personalization and recommendation, Browse, Search and Customer data at Zalando, which is one of the leading tech companies and the number one fashion platform in Europe.

Previously, I worked as a first-ever Head of AI & Personalization at Yle News & Current Affairs, in the Finnish public service media company Yle. Before that I co-founded an internationally acclaimed content discovery startup Random/Futureful.

I’ve built and led multidisciplinary teams, and created innovative high-impact products, brands and technologies, including a pioneering AI-powered smart news assistant Voitto, an award-winning edugame Troll Factory and an internationally recognized predictive discovery engine Random/Futureful. Read more ⚡️

I’ve written expert articles on personalization, news media, user experience design, artificial intelligence and innovation leadership e.g. on TechCrunch and VentureBeat. Read more ⚡️

My work has been covered by The New York Times, Fast Company, Vice Motherboard, NPR, Ars Technica, Forbes, Oxford Reuters Institute, The London School of Economics and Political Science, and MIT Technology Review among others. Read more ⚡️

I’ve also coined Koponen’s law of personalization: every digital experience that can be personalized algorithmically, will be personalized algorithmically.

My approach

I practice multidisciplinary approach to create human-centric and sustainable experiences, products and businesses.

Jarno M. Koponen: Humanism + Data Science + Design

My work combines humanism, data science, and design—of which I have two Master’s degrees from.

I dive deep into the technology… To combine meaningful content, AI and user experience. To bring together human curation, machine learning and design thinking.

Jarno M. Koponen: Human curation + Machine learning + UX design

I’m driven by impact. At heart, I’m an entrepreneur.

I lead by example and trust in continuous scenario thinking. Well-thought alternatives are key for making enlightened decisions.

I give responsibility and expect accountability. Trust creates ownership and commitment. Systematic self-reflection is key for learning and progress.

I believe in continuous iteration. Dare to think differently but test your ideas ruthlessly. Be consistent and persistent in the face of challenges.

My leadership mantra is simple: define the mission and direction together, calibrate the focus and goals together, find the right rhythm together and a state of iterative peace emerges, in which you have a working compass to proactively navigate the things present and future.

Jarno M. Koponen: my leadership mantra

Life isn’t just work. I read, run and enjoy art in various forms. Legos keep fascinating me. Also, I used to be a musician.

Forwards. Step by step, leap by leap. 🚀